About Me

That's me and my manfriend!

I’m Whitney. I love food. I also love writing. So here I am, writing about food. And wellness! I studied Health and Wellness which I guess is what brought me here. Growing up in a suburb of Buffalo, I was surrounded by chicken wings, pizza, and other unhealthy foods. Let’s make healthier things together…

I am a HUGE Walking Dead fan. I would survive the zombie apocalypse. That’s coming. I also love to knit. I am addicted to watching YouTube makeup tutorials. My mom never taught me how to do those tricks with makeup. She did teach me how to make awesome food. So did my dad. When my mom was working her double shifts, I remember making my dad a breakfast menu out of construction paper and crayons. My specialty was “peanut butter surprise” which consisted of: you guessed it! Peanut butter. And rice krispies, cinnamon, and raisins. All melted in the microwave. And he ate it. He’s a great dad. She’s also a great mom. And together, they had me. They have given me so much, and hopefully this helps me give a little back.

Join me on my journey of becoming an Entrepreneur and all of the other things I’ll be writing about. I may write about topics that makes me rant or rave. Not the “molly” kind of rave.  I’m not into that.

Thanks for reading,


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