a pinch of w(h)it

Let’s get straight to the point: I stopped writing…for months. A lot has happened since then.

After I graduated from Trocaire College, I got a job. That full-time job made it hard for me to continue writing. It took me a while to realize how much I missed writing. It’s my “thing”. It has been my “thing” since I was in elementary school and would write short stories for fun. I was getting anxious sitting in that cubicle all day at my 9 to 5. I started to forget details. I began to realize that I wasn’t giving my full attention to people when they were talking to me.


I finally realized that my creative mind was going bonkers. I wasn’t expressing my creative side anymore. So…I quit my job.


I realize that many people are confused as to why I would quit a job where I was getting a steady income. I just wasn’t happy anymore. I was introduced to Stella & Dot through a friend – a business that sells beautiful, high-quality jewelry and other accessories. I decided to run my own business with Stella & Dot. I have been loving that! I will get into that later…

For my dedicated readers: remember Justin, my boyfriend? We’re still going strong! The main reason I started following the Paleo diet was because Justin’s doctor diagnosed him with a gluten intolerance. We were preparing and cooking these all-natural meals and snacks for months, and he was still suffering from digestive issues. After weeks of trying to convince him to see a new doctor, he finally did. He had gastrointestinal testing done and…guess what?! Justin NEVER had a gluten intolerance! He was suffering from GERD, an infection, and an ulcer, though. This was all eventually tamed by medication. Wooooo! Now he can eat whatever he wants.

*Insert beams of light shining down from the bread Gods*

We do still maintain a healthy diet, it’s just not as strict as it used to be…which leads me to this announcement: my blog will not be a Paleo diet-based blog anymore. I’m so sorry if this is disappointing to my readers! What this blog WILL contain includes:

  • Healthy recipes that I’ve made
  • Not-so-healthy recipes that I’ve made
  • Recipes I found on Pinterest that I think YOU should try
  • Crafts that I’ve…crafted
  • Health & Fitness
  • Life hacks
  • Life experiences
  • …and who knows what else!

I just know that I am excited to be writing again. I couldn’t resist – I HAD to come back! Please follow my journey as I open this new chapter in my life as an Entrepreneur. Stay tuned for my first recipe: the Apple Cider Dump Cake.


This is one of those not-so-healthy recipes that I was previously talking about. It is so delicious though, just practice safe portion control and your jeans will still fit just fine. It’s a forkful of autumn in your mouth. Let it happen.

See you soon(er than 6 months),


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