I Have Holes in My Pants!

The title of this post has two meanings:

  1. I have always been heavier on my bottom…big hips, big thighs, big butt. Therefore, my thighs rub together when I walk. So much sometimes, in fact, that I have put holes in my pants where my thighs rub against each other. Only on a couple occasions. Emburrrrrassing.
  2. I want to fit into these pants again:Image

…which have a couple holes in them. But I BOUGHT them with the holes (the distressed look). And these DID for me at a point in my life. They fit me when I met Justin, actually. These are the size 6 non-stretch denim pair of pants that I told you about. It would excite me beyond belief to fit back into these pants.

The day will come.

I also want to fit into this dress:


…which fits snug enough to show that awkward love handle/butt/saddle bag area…you know…that lump. No? Okay. Maybe it’s just me.

And this skirt:


…this GORGEOUS black lace skirt that never fit me. It was one of those “it will fit me someday” purchases. A “If I lose a few more pounds it will be perfect” kind of purchase. At least I was smart enough to buy a timeless piece like this, though.

From doing less than two weeks of the T25 workouts, I can already start to see and feel the changes in my body. It is slowly transforming and I am becoming addicted to the control that I finally took of my eating and exercise habits.

I know I’m not a (very) big girl, but I do have some weight to lose. It’s not about the number on the scale for me anymore, it’s about how I’m feeling in my own skin…and my clothes. I have always been overly critical of myself and I wear clothes to hide my flaws. I don’t want to do that anymore!

Sleeveless tops and dresses, skirts, and…


Coming soon…


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