ANOTHER Special Anouncement!

Remember how I told you I had three special announcements?

Well this one came in the mail earlier than I expected!


After grocery shopping with Justin, I came home to see this bad boy at my door! I am so excited to start this tomorrow!

It came with Shakeology:


Chocolate, of course.

I will be posting reviews, sharing recipes, and share more details about the nutrition in future posts.


It also came with all of this! Eleven workout DVDs, a resistance band, a poster to keep track of your accomplishments, a “fast track guide” to help get you started with the program, and a nutrition guide.

I AM STARTING TOMORROW, Saturday, the 15th of March. The Ides of March. I am sharing this because I am now accountable and I will look like a douche if I don’t follow through with this program. See what I’m saying? My Beach Body Coach is Jessica, my best friend. Who knows, I may even become a coach myself if I like the results!

I will be posting a combination of my own recipes, and recipes influenced by this program. I promise that it will be a good thing. Yes, I was a personal trainer, and YES, I do have fitness and nutrition knowledge, but I really needed a kick in the ass to lose my big ass. I no longer have a gym membership, and this is my replacement.

I would write more, but I must get ready for work now…sitting at a desk all day.

Stay tuned!

2 thoughts on “ANOTHER Special Anouncement!

  1. Hey, just wanted to give you a heads up. There are reports that shakeology has dangerous amounts of lead in it……

    1. Yes I heard that too, from the Dr Oz show…which I don’t really trust since he’s always contradicting himself lol. Thanks for the heads up though!

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